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Post by Admin on Sun Apr 25, 2010 1:10 am

Bismillah irahman irahim. (In the name of Allah the Compassionate, the Merciful)

As the women at the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him) used to go onto the battle-field and nurse the wounded men (and women) who fought in Jihad, I am calling on sisters to support each other, to nurse and nuture each other to the best of their ability, as we fight OUR daily Jihad.We all have to struggle every day. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. The important thing is that we are fighting it. But we do not have to fight alone. This is a reminder that we have each other.

In the course of our Jihad an-Nafs, we may receive bruises, cuts, other wounds, and hurts be they psychological, emotional or even physical - let us go onto the battle-field of our daily Jihad, and nurse our sisters, in the hope of pleasing Allah. If we are the one hurting, let other sisters gain reward from Allah by nursing us.

What prompted me to start this forum was shock and remorse - May Allah forgive me, I have been too backward in my duties to my sisters, and when I discovered that AT LEAST 7 sisters are in need of spiritual and emotional "nursing", in need of the nurturing, non-judgmental and unconditional love that should be the flag of sisterhood I decided to make a change.

Where sisters with any problem no matter how big or how small, no matter if their Iman (faith) is the size of a Mustard Seed or their hearts are full of the Remembrance of Allah, no matter how perfect or imperfect their practice of Islam and implementation of the 5 pillars is, can receive love, compassion, and support, whether they choose to share their problems or keep them private. A network where no one will be judged - we will leave that to Allah. Where women with weak iman can be helped, where women with marital problems can be comforted, where women with children can have their own needs met etc etc.

Too many of us go through the same things thinking we are the only ones, and hiding our need of support, feeling ashamed that we are losing Jihad al-Nafs, and so hiding away in the shadows, not even going on a "hospital waiting list". The Shaitan keeps us apart, makes us fear the evil eye, or the slandering tongues of our sisters. I propose we defeat the Shaitan with love and respect for each other, complete trust in Allah, and absolute confidentiality - each sister's confidence is a Trust from Allah. I'm saying make the 70 excuses for your sister BEFORE you need to, and trust that you will only receive benefit from your sisters. Don't be afraid to be vulnerable. Give your sisters a chance to BE sisters, then insha Allah, everyone wins.

Do not back-bite - if you become aware that someone needs nurturing, others can be alerted if you are not available yourself, without breaking any confidences. We don't need to know each other's business, we are not here to diagnose problems - leave that to the "doctors" - the professionals, those qualified. Let us be nurses, let us help with the healing, put a bandage on, offer a crutch, give a hug, make a cup of tea, help with the housework, or make du'a - whatever is needed. Whatever we do - let it be solely for the sake of Allah.

Insha Allah the members of this forum will find it useful. May Allah accept it and forgive all our sins (of omission or commission), and protect us from the torment of the grave, the punishment of the Hellfire, the trial of wealth and the trial of poverty, fitna that we cause and fitna that we are subject to. May He protect us from disbelief and particularly hidden Shirk, which is the ONLY sin that He does not forgive, and may we all meet one day in Jannah. Amin.

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