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Confirming the Month of Ramadhan

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Confirming the Month of Ramadhan

Post by Admin on Sat Aug 07, 2010 12:52 pm

Confirming the Month of Ramadhan

The beginning of the month of Ramadan is confirmed by one of the two matters:
The First of them is the completion of the previous month, which is Sha’ban.
Therefore, if Sha’ban completes thirty days, then the thirty-first day is the first day of
Ramadhan, without a doubt.

The Second matter is sighting the crescent of the new moon for it (Ramadhan). So if
the crescent moon of Ramadhan is seen on the thirtieth night of Sha’ban the month
of Ramadhan has begun and it is obligatory to fast it. This is due to Allah the
Almighty’s statement,
”So whoever witnesses the month then he must fast it.” (2:185)
And the Messenger’s statement,
“When you see the crescent moon (of Ramadhan), then fast, and when you see
it (for Shawwal) then stop fasting. And if it is hidden from you by clouds, then
complete the period as thirty days.” (Muslim)

The witnesses of one or two just people is sufficient in confirming its sighting, as the
Messenger of Allah (Peace and Blessings be Upon Him) permitted the witness of one
man in sighting the crescent moon of Ramadhan. (Abu Dawud and others, and it is

However concerning the sighting of moon of Shawwal to stop fasting, it is not
confirmed except by the witness of two just men, as the Messenger (Peace and
Blessings be Upon Him) did not allow the witness of one just man for ending the fast.
(At-Tabarani and Ad-Daraqutni)

Note: Whoever sees the crescent moon of Ramadhan, it is obligatory upon him to
fast, even if his witness is not accepted (by others). And whoever sees the crescent
moon for ending the fast and his witness is not accepted, then he does not break his
feast. This is due to the Prophet’s statement:
“The fast is the day that all of you fast, the end of the fast is when all of you
stop fasting, and the sacrifice is the day that all of you perform the sacrifice (of
animals).” (At-Tirmidhi, who said it is Hasan.)2

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