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who Is Your Lord? Do you know Allah?

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who Is Your Lord? Do you know Allah? Empty who Is Your Lord? Do you know Allah?

Post by Clare on Mon Aug 09, 2010 8:35 am

Do you know Your Lord ?

Bismillah wal hamdullilah was salaatu was salaamu
ala Rasoolulah wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ajma 'een.
Ama ba'aad:

wal humdullilah Allah has bless us in these days of
technology to be able to learn more about Islam then
we ever thought could happen 20 yrs ago, when we
relied on loose translations to teach us our deen, but
masha'Allah we strived in what we did learn and we
took to our basics and clung to them. Now with more
knowledge we can tell each other the fiqh of this,
whose off it whose on it, the name for these people
are and the names for these people are, we just about
can cover any category in Islam now, but with this we
lost that something special we jumped right into the
fiqhish issues and left behind the basic fundamentals
of our deen. We have been favored to learn many
things in Islam and one might can tell you a whole
list of things they know, but it leads me to ask the
question Do you know Your Lord?

When ask this one may say what? of course I know my
Lord , I'm muslim aren't I , I'm Salafy aren't I I
dress the part I look the part, You dare ask If I know
My Lord? And yes I ask Do you reall yknow the One who
is the True Living God, as He states," Allah! La ilaha
illa Huwa, the ever Living The One who Sustains and
protects all that exist.(2:255)

I ask you when you whisper to yourselves and you
laugh and joke with your friends private jokes, behind
closed doors, Do you know Allah is the All- Hearer and
that He's closer to us than our juggler vein, knowing
what man whispers to His ownself(50:16).

Do you know the One whom we call the All- Seer, who
sees you in the darkest of nights, as you creep along
and the brightest of days as you visibibly move along
the way. when you believe " I won't get caught" Do
you know the One who says " On the Day when every
person will be confronted with all the good he has
done, and all the evil he has done" (3:30)

Do you know Allah? The One who divided Mercy into
100 parts and kept 99 to Himself. The One that even
when you are seemingly underserving of any blessings,
He still Bestows His Mercy upon you and guides you and
keeps you to whats right. Haven't you read " And had
it not been for the Grace of Allah and His Mercy on
you, Allah would have hastened a punishment upon you"

Do you know Al Ghaffur, The Oft Forgiver, who
forgives His servants even if they reached as much as
the foam of the sea? Do you know the One who caused
you to come out of your mother's womb with no help
from yourself and will cause you to die and you will
not be able to stop him in the least(40:68)

Surely you know Al Hameed, The One worthy of All
Praise. The One if He wished he could snatch away our
hearing and sight and all the favors we deny. And Ar
Razzaq, The Provider of the nourishments we take for
granted, the rain, which we curse, and the heat, which
we seek refuge from and try to shield ourselves from.
Do you know " He is Allah, beside whom none has the
right to be worshipped except Him, The All Knower of
the seen and the unseen. He is the Most Gracious, The
Most Merciful. He is Allah beside whom none has the
right to be worshipped except Him, The King, The Holy,
The One Free of All defects, The giver of Security,
The watcher over His creatures, The All mighty, The
Compellor, The Supreme. Glory be to Allah, above all
that they associate as partners with Him. He is Allah
the creator, The Inventor of All things, The Bestower
of forms. To Him belongs the best of names. All that
is in the Heavens and earth glorify Him. And He is All
Mighty, the All Wise," (59 : 22-24) Tell Me do you
know Him ?

Do you know the one who will judge you on those
things which you use to do and He will not be be
unjust in the least?

Do you really know Allah or do you just think you
do? How can you tell if you know Him, I mean it seems
like you know Him, you reached the point in your deen
where your speaking like you know Him, you know when
people are Ahlis Bidah, you know when others are doing
things that aren't of the sunnah, but what about you,
Do you know your basics ? Let's see Allah says " It
is only thos who have knowledge among His slaves that
fear Allah. ( 35:28). Our Salaf( May Allah Show Mercy
upon all of them explains this to mean," Whoever has
knowledge of Allah, will have more fear of Him". So
now we can go back and do a self check forget about
brother so and so and sister so and so , DO OUR
things which shoe we fear Allah, saying things that
show we fear Allah?

Sisters I come to you no I beg of you. Check
yourselves. This doesnt mean you will be perfect, but
it means you know Allah forgives. It doesn't mean you
will not have trials, but you know Allah is Just. It
doesn't mean you will not forget, but you will know to
Allah you will return. It doesn't mean Shaytan will
not tempt you, but it means you know Allah is All
Powerful. It will give you the strngth to repent, to
ask only from Him,to say I know My Lord and I love
Him, I hope for His mercy and I fear His punishment.

Sisters, we have learnt alot of things some
beneficial and some not so benficial. People will
come to you and ask you what of Islam did you learn
but what will you say when the two visitors of the
grave come to you, while your in a state of fear,
asking and demanding that you answer the question who
Is Your Lord?

Do You Really Know
subhannaka Allahumma wa bihumdika wa Ashahadu An Laa
laha illa Anta wa astaghfiruka wa Atubu ilayk
Umm Haleemah

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