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True Repentance

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True Repentance

Post by Florence on Thu Aug 12, 2010 4:40 am

Asalam alaikom sisters

As you know I am trying to stop smoking. I was reading up on what it means to repent and one of the things you have to do is make intention not to do the same sin again.

I left out the cigarettes from my handbag but kept the lighter. Then I thought that by keeping the lighter I was saying that I might need it again. Then I took it out and used it to light the aromatherapy burner.

The only way I can do this is one day at a time. After I broke my fast I didn't smoke but during the last 5 hours of the fast I could feel tingling sensations in my fingertips. My body was definitely reacting to the lack of nicotine but I was surprised at how strong the physical reactions were. I have had some Nicorette gum since I broke the fast but I still want to smoke.

I have to fight the urges one at a time and the only way I think I can do it is to say I will not smoke today because I am fasting and in the night to say I will not smoke this evening because it is a sin.

Please make du'a for me that I get off the cigarettes completely and that I get strong enough to say I am never smoking another cigarette again. Dh smokes too but he can't fast because he is diabetic so he is still smoking like a chimney and it would be easy to steal his cigarettes.

May Allah accept all your fasts and good deeds and mine. Amin

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Comments : I am trying to give up smoking. Please make du'a for me.
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Re: True Repentance

Post by butterfly on Thu Aug 12, 2010 10:42 pm

I used to smoke and when I tried to stop, the physical symptoms were so bad that I knocked over a stand of goods in a supermarket...I was all over the place...It does get easier BUT...I have to say that although I havn't smoked in over 12 years MashAllah, I cannot stand to be near someone who is smoking- I can feel myself breathing their smoke and it still smells nice and appealing to me, particularly john player,
Sister, your DH isn't helping, he should be stopping for the same reasons that you are...
Personally, I'm not fasting due to pregnancy but I am mindful of those fasting in my house and I had to sneak a sandwich in the garden...
If your DH only smoked in the garden, then he would smoke less as there is more effort involved and InshaAllah you can Fabreeze your home and get rid of the tempting tobacco odour.
Of course, some Dh's, like my own for example, do not like being told what to choose your moment carefully, and see what he says.
You need support sis, I will make du'a that Allah makes it easy for you InshaAllah.

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