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Video on how to make wudhu and pray salat - great for beginners

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Video on how to make wudhu and pray salat - great for beginners

Post by Admin on Wed May 16, 2012 12:07 am

Asalam alaikom sisters

Insha Allah you will find this helpful. There is one error which the brother makes and describes - in Ruku the standing bow - the back must be straight - at right angles to the leg. The head should not be lower or higher than the rest of the back. In the scene where he is wearing a green shirt his Rukoo is incorrect as his back is not straight - his head is too low.

Also, when making Wudhu he takes water for his nose and mouth from the same handful of water which is not really well explained but you can see him doing it. This is from the Sunnah and is not a mistake.


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