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From our Facebook page (Deirfiúr Lena Cheile) Empty From our Facebook page (Deirfiúr Lena Cheile)

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 22, 2010 1:31 pm

Ramadan Goals: Taqwaa, Tawbah and Tilaawah. Taqwaa (God-consciousness) is achieved by doing all acts of worship sincerely, beginning with the fast itself. Tawbah (forgiveness) is attained by truly feeling remorse for our sins, abandoning them with the intention of never returning to them. Tilaawah/Qur’anic recitation is accomplished by reading as much Qur’an as we can with understanding, reflection and contemplation.

May Allah give us the fruits of Ramadaan.

This is based on something Bilal Phips wrote on someone's wall.

When you are faced with a choice - what ever you do - do it SOLELY for the sake of Allah and you can't go wrong.

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