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Heart Wheel Journal and associated TV programs for Ramadan

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Heart Wheel Journal and associated TV programs for Ramadan

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 05, 2010 4:13 pm

Asalam alaikom

This series of talks first broadcast on Islam Channel is available on YouTube.

You can download your Heart Wheel Journal here

The Heart Wheel Journal show runs every day in Ramadhan delivering short inspirational bites of guidance during Ramadhan. Every 10 minute episode is based on Muhammed al-Shareef’s Heart Wheel Journal. "A 135 page companion guide to your self-improvement efforts based on criteria that draw us closer to Allah as taught in the Qur'an and Sunnah.", which children, youth and adults alike can benefit from.

You can follow the show everyday and use the Heart Wheel Journal to plan, organize and measure your progress in Ramadhan

Remember, we are always in need of self improvement, and even more so at the time of Ramadhan. For different people it works in different ways, if you feel this journal will somewhat benefit you then use it, if it's not for you then seek other ways in which you can reflect, contemplate and maximise your time in order to gain Allah’s (subhana wa ta’ala) pleasure and thus not let this Ramadhan slip by without attaining forgiveness from The Most High and without having improved your character even if a little.

May we reap the fruits from this Ramadhan, having spent our time in worship and devotion, and may all of our actions be sincerely for the sake of Allah, ameen.

Following are the episode titles for the Heart Wheel Journal show:

Day 1: It Has Begun
Day 2: Look up
Day 3: Fasting makes me stronger
Day 4: You are not perfect
Day 5: Paradise is a place on earth
Day 6: Hellfire
Day 7: Someone is watching me
Day 8: I'll do it when I feel like It, Not
Day 9: A balancing Act
Day 10: To go up, go down
Day 11: Keep hope alive
Day 12: In God we trust
Day 13: Hold that tongue
Day 14: Skip it
Day 15: Eman rush zone
Day 16: Stress, thy name is ingratitude
Day 17: Abundance, thy name is shukr
Day 18: Fear of Allah's anger
Day 19: Important, but not urgent
Day 20: Fard for our own good
Day 21: Direct Connect
Day 22: In Training
Day 23: Who am I
Day 24: Its all about charity
Day 25: Untouchable
Day 26: It just keeps getting better
Day 27: Peace of heart
Day 28: Eat my dust
Day 29: Forgive me after all
Day 30: It has begun

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