sisters-4-sisters (Islam in Ireland)
Asalam alaikom

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Rules and conditions of membership Empty Rules and conditions of membership

Post by Admin on Wed Apr 28, 2010 5:08 pm

Asalam alaikom

Please make sure that you read the rules PARTICULARLY THE LAST part because that is where the rules for sisters-4-sisters are found, after the general rules for

Remember that by registering you are agreeing to abide by these rules. In case you forget what they are you can double-check here

The moderators will enforce these rules to the best of their ability insha Allah.

Depending on the severity of a breach of rules a "3-strikes and you're out" rule applies. Minor mistakes will receive an advisory CAUTION. Careless breaches will result in a WARNING of possible expulsion from the group. Serious breaches result in either a TEMPORARY or a PERMANENT BAN, depending on the number OR gravity of breaches of the Rules.

Very serious breaches result in a PERMANENT ban.

WHAT CONSTITUTES A VERY SERIOUS BREACH (i.e. what will get you banned)
Breach of security of privacy is regarded as a VERY serious breach. Privacy is top priority. Back-biting, slander or mentioning people's real names so that their identity can be determined on the forum are all VERY serious breaches. You do these things you get banned - pure and simple. No appeal is possible in this case.

Fear Allah on this forum.

Please read the rules!!!!!

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